Wilfre is the villain, of The Drawn to life series.

Drawn to life Edit

In Drawn to life, Wilfre believed, it was unfair that only The Creator could draw in The Book of life. After talking to The Mayor about it, he was told not to do it, otherwise the worst will happen. Wilfre ignored this, and snuck The Book of life into his house, and drew in it. His creations came out, twisted and black, and The Mayor found out. The Raposa Police chased him, until he fled the village, tossing The Book of life pages away. When The Hero, nearly gets all The Book of life pages, he kills The Mayor, and takes the entire book away. The Hero deafeats him, and The Raposa live happily.

Drawn to life: The Next Chapter Edit

In Drawn to life: The Next Chapter, Wilfre takes over Heather's body, and drains all the color from the world. Later on, a seemingly good Raposa, called Sock turns out to be him in disguise. He tricks, all The Mayors, to damaging their village and even convinces, Mari to join him. It later reaveals, The Raposa were all a coma from a boy named Mike, and if all the color was drained he wouldn't wake up and The Raposa would live. If all the color was restored, Mike would wake up, and The Raposa would die. The Raposa decide, to do the right thing, and deafeat Wilfre causing Mike to wake up. When The Hero deafeats him, he is shown with a bit of health left, which shows he may still be alive.

Trivia Edit

Many fans agree, with Wilfre's intentsions in The Next Chapter, and think he should have won. Whether Wilfre was right, is unknown.