Tubba is a character, from the Drawn to life series.

Drawn to life Edit

In Drawn to life, Tubba and his parents, left the village to do some Whale Watching and eventually got captured by Shadow Creatures. The Hero saves him, and he reveals he gets along well with his brother Bubba, who went missing a long time ago. The Hero later saves Bubba, and Tubba thanks him for all his work.

Drawn to life: The Next Chapter Edit

In the sequel, Tubba, Bubba and Dr Cure were sent to Wilfre's Wasteland, and were imprisoned by his ghosts. Tubba is the first Raposa saved, and is never seen again, unless the player visits The Turtle Rock.

Trivia Edit

Tubba is Chef Cookie's best customer, while Bubba has no interest in food, despite how fat he is