The Mayor, is a character from the Drawn to series.

Drawn to life Edit

In Drawn to life The Mayor is one of the last villagers left, who was protecting Mari, as her dad. Unlike Mari, The Mayor thought The Creator had truly abandoned them, and didn't believe her when she said he returned. The Mayor tries to stop villagers, Isaac and his wife Mya, from leaving the village. The Mayor goes to the Snow Fields, to try and save them, but gets caught in the process. The Creator tells Mari and Jowee, when The Hero is made, and they find him although their rescue is attempted to be stopped by Wilfre. The Hero saves him and Isaacs's family, and explains to The Raposa the story of Wilfre and how he doomed the village. The Mayor helps The Hero save the village, along with helping Mari for her training to be the next mayor. Later in the game, when Mari loses faith in herself being a good mayor, he has a go at her for not being good enough. This causes Mari to run away, and The Mayor to feel guilty. When The Hero is collecting the last page of The Book Of Life, Wilfre tricks The Mayor into appearing alone, and kills him and steals it. Mari becomes the mayor, and Jowee helps her run it. During the end, The Mayor's Spirit watches over Mari and Jowee choosing whether to leave each other or stay in the village.

Drawn to life: The Next Chapter Edit

Despite his death, in the first game, The Mayor's Spirit appears in the sequel. When Wilfre and Mari kidnap Jowee, The Mayor helps The Hero restore the final color of the world. When Mike wakes up, The Mayor has no reference to the real world sadly.

Trivia Edit

The Mayor is theorized, to be Mike's dad, because he was desperate for him to wake up. Whether it was really The Mayor's Spirit or actually The Mayor in The Next Chapter is unknown. The Mayor's real name, is strangely never reavealed