The Creation Hero is the player and main character, in the Drawn to life games.

In Drawn to life Gameplay Edit

The Creation Hero, is drawn by the player and bought to life, as the character they play as. The player uses their stylus, and chooses a color to draw with. There are also guides, which the player can use if they are not good at drawing. If the player gets bored, of having to draw every pixel, there is a fill bucket, which can fill a certain area of the drawing. If the player cannot use the stylus (Or doesn't want to), there is a way to draw with the control pad, and that is by pressing L, and a to color each pixel. When it is drawn, it walks around, in 2d, and is unknown from what it looks like at the back. They press the control pad to move, and the b button to shoot, and a button to jump.

In Drawn to life story Edit

In Drawn to life story, Mari prays to The Creator, to save the village and he sends them The Creation Hero to help. He/she/it makes friends with Mari's dad, The Mayor, as they work together to save the village from Wilfre's chaos. The Hero dislikes Jowee, who always asks it to come with them, on an adventure, but The Hero finds it annoying, and runs away. With Mari, he is a good friend, who helps her become a great Mayor, as well as her relationship with Jowee. When The Mayor dies, The Hero feels upset, and Mari blames him. When The Hero defeats Wilfre, he dies, and is back with The Mayor in the afterlife, where they look after Mari and Jowee, by watching over them as spirits. The Hero is last seen, when Mari and Jowee reunite, and The Hero and The Mayor's spirit walk away.

Trivia Edit

The Hero on the front cover of the game, is called Sparky or Drew, and many fans try to draw him but very few suceed