Super Scribbleanuts, is the sequel, to 5th cell's smash hit original game Scribblenauts. It is their fith ds game, and ninth game overall.

Gameplay Edit

The game improved, it's creation, by allowing the player to add adjectives. For example: Red Cow, Dangerous Butterly or even Super Fast Flying Bath Tub. It also allows players, to make their own levels, with the notebook. Also a hint system, as when a puzzle is too hard, the player can spend starites to get hints. The player must collect, enough starites, to go to the next world.

Development Edit

Jeremiah Slaczka (Creative Director), was determined, to make improvements to most of his best selling games. After hearing the complaints, about Scribblenauts only allowing the player to type things, and not control them he decided to add adjectives. Also, some people liked, the controls in the first game while others didn't. He decided, to let the player choose, whether to move with the stylus or the control pad. The game came into action, with no complaints, and became the best Scribblenauts game.

Reception Edit

Super Scribblenauts has received generally favorable reviews. It currently holds a score of 81/100 on Metacritic.[7] It holds an 82.33% on GameRankings, an 8/10 on Eurogamer and a 9.0/10 on IGN. IGN's Daemon Hatfield stated that, "Super Scribblenauts is as fun and imaginative as you are." He also praised the game's refined control scheme and incorporation of adjectives, but criticized its low level of difficulty. The British magazine ONM gave it an 86% saying,"It's a step above the original, nearly everything's improved here and the addition to adjectives is heartwarming. A good step in the right direction for Scribblenauts."

GameSpot, however, was not nearly as ecstatic about the game, giving it a 6.5/10 and criticizing its restrictions on user creativity and lack of "real-world logic."[8]

Trivia Edit

Super Scribblenauts, is 5th cell's greatest game