The Snow Gate is the first world in Drawn to life. It is used to introduce the player to the game.

Levels Edit

1.Snow Fields (Introduction level) 2.Mt Snowy 3.Snow Caves 4.Banya Fields 5.Icy Lake 6.Frostwind (Boss)

Rescued Raposa Edit

1.Isaac 2.Farmer Brown 3.Chef Cookie 4.Tubba 5.Heather

Creations Edit

1.Eternal Flame 2.The Sun 3.Banya Stalk 4.Raincloud

Story Edit

The Hero saves Isaac, after Cindi runs into the Snow Gate. The Eternal Flame is restored, which is used by Raposa, to remove shadow from the village. The Mayor then remembers what the village was like with The Sun, and sends The Hero to the Snow Caves to find it. When The Sun is drawn, Farmer Brown asks The Hero to restore his farm, from the shadow. His family then realize that The Banya (What The Raposa use to make food), is missing, and The Hero retrieves the page from the Banya Fields, as well as Chef Cookie. They then get into a snow fight, and Isaac allows the player to start shopping in his shop. The Sun makes everyone go mad, so The Hero is sent to find The Raincloud page, in Icy Lake, as well as Tubba. Mari then gets told to start training to be mayor, and a traditional festival will start soon to celebrate. Frostwind then attacks the village, and The Hero defeats it, and finds a mysterious Raposa called Heather, who turns out to play a big role in the sequel.