Snow Caves is a level in Drawn to life. It is the second level of the first game, and of the game itself.

How level works Edit

The player starts off on a snow mountain, where Bakis appear and they can defeat them if they want to. After going forward they will see some Shadow Goo and can clear it up. Then the first part of The Book of Life is in pure sight, and collected. Then a Cloud and Storm Cloud appear, and they must travel up them, to find the first Raposa Farmer Brown's son. If they go forward, they should see a Storm Cloud, which takes them to a Secret Song which can be bought in Isaac's Shop. After optionally cleaning more Shadow Goo, they will find a cave, which the main parts of the level take place in. Inside is a drawing board, where the player draws a spring, to reach higher parts of the cave with. Then the player bounces to the end of the cave, and is back outside where they continue the next part of the level. After heading forth, they will find a drawing board where they draw a Super Spring, which bounces the highest out of all the creations in the game. It is then used to get the second piece of the page, and enter the next cave. The inside is shown to be made out of frost and water making the hero draw an ice cube to float across. They arrive at a cliff which they run down getting the third piece along the way rescuing Farmer Brown's wife. A submarine is then drawn to get to the end of the cave, while getting the final part of the sun page. The level is then finished.

Enemies Edit

◾ Stacked Baki ◾ Baki ◾ Shadow Fountain ◾ Snow Hider ◾ Snow Pounder ◾ Shadow Bat

Creations Edit

  • Spring
  • Super Spring
  • Ice Cube
  • Submarine

Trivia Edit

  • The level is followed by the Banya Fields