Scribblenauts, is 5th cell's third ds game, and sixth overall. It is also, 5th cell's most popular series.

Gameplay Edit

The player plays as Maxwell, a Scribblenaut, someone who has a notebook that can write things to life. Maxwell will be given tasks, such as: My plant is dying, help it grow! , or write something that a bad boy needs at Christmas, and when they're completed they get given a Starite. The player must solve, 5 worlds of puzzles, and gain enough starites to complete the game. There is also the Playground, where the player can create whatever they want, and play around with it.

Development Edit

The game started development, nearly at the end of Lock's Quest. Jeremiah Slaczka, the company's Creative Director, wanted to make a game like Nintendogs and Brain age that 5th cell could develop. After having a dream, about solving puzzles in an Aztec Temple, with paintings he thought of Scribblenauts. He told his Technical Director, Marius Fahlbusch about it, and he was confident they could create it. Jeremiah and Marius, thought of a plan to make it, and became very determined After telling the company about it, to they said they could never make it just like with Drawn to life. Jeremiah and Marius, said they had it planned, and got to work on the game. After Marius got the programmers to work well, they were shocked to see they made it. The game sold billions, and 5th cell became, one of Nintendo's greatest companies. The game, was the best game of the year, and won awards.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first 5th cell game, not to have a story
  • Scribblenauts and Drawn to life: The Next Chapter, were worked on at the same time