Rose is a character from Drawn to life: The Next Chapter.

Drawn to life: The Next Chapter Edit

Rose is the mayor, of Watersong, the first word in The Next Chapter. After The Hero, Mari and Jowee hear from the Lighthouse Raposa about Rose's struggles, they head to find her. When Mari visits her, The Butler says, that Rose was challenged to a singing contest, by a Raposa called Salem and whoever lost would lose their voice forever. The promise, was stored inside a Conch, so it couldn't be taken back. Rose failed, and Watersong lived on The Mayor's voice, and now that it's gone, Watersong will soon disappear. Her son Miles, took it upon himself, to find it, but this made Rose more anxious. The Hero finds the conch, and restores her voice. However, Rose felt guilty about what she did to the village, by agreeing with Salem, so she will pass the voice onto Miles, and die causing Miles to be The Mayor. Rose then sings "Light Of My life" from her point of view. Mari agrees with her idea, until Jowee convinces her not to. The Hero stops her song, and Salem reveals to be Wilfre in disguise. He sets Bakibeard, a Baki Pirate on the village, but The Hero deafeats it. Rose is last seen, during the prayer for Mike to wake up at the end of the game, as she leads Watersong.

Trivia Edit

Rose did not know Wilfre, so she was confused when Salem revealed his true identity.