Mt Snowy is the first level in Drawn to life.

How level works Edit

The player starts off in a normal snowy level, and heads forth to find out they can restock on ammo for their snow shooter the weapon for that world. They then find a drawing board, where they can draw a Storm Cloud, that can fly them to different sections of the levels. After optionally rubbing away some Shadow Goo, they find Isaac the owner of the game's shop, and the first Raposa of the level. They can then go down and find a secret (optional), next finding the first piece of the level's Book of Life creation. The next section is then found, and the original cloud can be redrawn. After optionally rubbing of some Shadow Goo, to increase the percent of the game, they find themselves in a cave, which is a giant part of the Snow world. They then travel up, to draw some goo that can sink them, but is also a useful platform. There is also the next part of the Book of Life up there, which isn't optional. After going down, they find the third part, and second Raposa Isaac's daughter Cindi. Then going up a Snowy mountain, which has an avalanche coming down. Then optionally crossing a corner, where a secret pattern is, they go across some clouds which take them back to the mountain. At the top is some more Shadow Goo, last Book of Life piece, and final Raposa Isaac's wife Mya. Finally drawing a ski that they ride to the Exit Gate, the level ends, and the story continues.

Creations Edit

  • Storm Cloud
  • Cloud (Redraw)
  • Shadow Goo

Trivia Edit

  • This is technically the first level in the game, seeing as The Snow Fields was an introduction level.