Miney is a character, from Drawn to life: The Next Chapter.

Drawn to life: The Next Chapter Edit

Miney is first seen, when he enslaves Raposa to hunt for Banya Crystals in the mine. The Hero saves his brother Moe, when he sees Mari run into an uncolored mine. Moe explains, that Miney used to be a kind mayor, but then Salem turned up, and convinced him to enslave the villagers, to find Banya Crystals. He then sees, The Hero, Jowee, Moe and his main engineer Key, try to find his crystal, to brake The Rabosa, robots that Miney used as a threat to villagers of Lavasteam, and prisons them. Miney later finds out, Salem's real goal, and stops his unfair ways, and the villagers forgive him.

Trivia Edit

Miney is the only "King" in the game, as the others are Mayors Miney could just be one of Wilfre's disguises, as both are grey