Hybrid, is so far 5th cell's only Xbox game.

Gameplay Edit

Hybrid is a multiplayer online third-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world amidst a war between two factions: the Paladin and the Variant. The two factions are in a never-ending war for a rare material called dark matter. A world map is accessible from the main menu. The player can view any of the five available continents (with Antarctica not included and Australia having been obliterated in the game's story). Each of these continents are divided into several sections. Players select a section to play in, and then they will play a match against the opposing faction. Playing games results in gaining part of a section (measured in percentages). If a faction reaches 100% in a section first, that faction will receive two pieces of dark matter. If a faction is the second to get to 100% in a faction, that faction receives one piece of dark matter. Unlike most shooters, Hybrid does not allow free movement. Instead, the player can choose to automatically move to a piece of cover by moving the cursor over it and selecting to move there.

== Development ==Hybrid was hinted at for many months, prior to its official announcement. The unnamed XBLA title from 5th Cell was talked about for nearly a year before any real information was released—other than that it was going to be "pretty big".[4]

On October 21, 2010, a mysterious 7-day countdown appeared on the official 5th Cell website featuring an ashy ground with footprints and a clearly imprinted logo, causing speculation among the gaming community at the seemingly uncharacteristic theme.[5]

At the close of the countdown, on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 1:00am EST/PDT an exclusive debut teaser trailer was shown on GameTrailers, revealing the somewhat shocking fact that the game would be a third-person shooter.[6] At that time, 5th Cell also launched the official Hybrid website, displaying two dog tags linking to two different hubs of information about the game as relayed by the opposing factions.[7]

Reception Edit

Hybrid, was given mostly positive reviews.

upon release.

Scorer Score Metacritic 73/100 GameRankings 74.83% GameSpot 8/10 Game Informer 6/10

Trivia Edit

Jeremiah Slaczka, the company's Creative Director, said that the game "Had a few problems"