Heather is a character from the Drawn to life games.

Drawn to life Edit

In Drawn to life, Heather is saved when The Hero deafeats Frostwind, the first boss. She doesn't speak at all, and is quite a nuisance. The Mayor assigns Jowee to look after her, because she is attached to him. Whenever Jowee causes trouble, Heather will try to tell Mari, but can't speak. At the end of the game, the village idiot Crazy Barks, teaches her to speak like him. She mysteriously, has half of her face covered in shadow, which got fans wondering who or what she really was.

Drawn to life: The Next Chapter Edit

In Drawn to life: The Next Chapter, Wilfre takes over Heather's body, to drain color from the world. Her pendant, guides Jowee and the other Raposa to find her, and Wilfre. When they arrive at Wilfre's Wasteland, it reveals Heather was a real person in our world, who was Mike's sister. The two got into a car crash, which put Mike into a coma, about The Raposa world. Heather prayed, to The Creator at the beginning of the game, to save Mike and he wakes up which leaves Mike and Heather the only survivors of the series.

Trivia Edit

Before The Next Chapter, fans rumored that Heather was Wilfre's daughter who disproved of his evil ways, so he cast half her face in shadow It is theorized that Heather is The Creator, after it guided them to save Mike