Farmer Brown, is a character from the Drawn to life series.

Drawn to life Edit

In the original, Farmer Brown leaves the village with his son and wife to find a new home. The Hero saves him, in the Snow Caves, as well as his family. Farmer Brown then asks The Hero, to find the Banya, a planted food page for The Book Of Life. The Hero finds it as well as Chef Cookie, a Chef Raposa who helps Farmer Brown supply the food for the village.

Drawn to life: The Next Chapter Edit

In Drawn to life: The Next Chapter, Farmer Brown, Chef Cookie and Count Choco get sent to Lavasteam, where the player can choose whether to save them or not. They must strangely go to the next world, to get The Spider Form, so they can save him.

Trivia Edit

Farmer Brown is the second villager saved in the original