Edison Yan is one of 5th Cell's artists. He is mostly known for doing the artwork for Drawn to life: The Next Chapter and the Scribblenauts series as well as a little Lock's Quest.

Biography Edit

Yan was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada and grew up being creative and wanted to be an artist. In 2005 he developed a website where he would upload his paintings along with news blogs to entertain others. Edison travelled the world exploring countries to gain inspiration for paintings. In late 2006 Yan signed up to 5th Cell in order to work on D.N.A one of their first games for the mobile. Edison became the promotional artist drawing the cover, chip and logo for the original Drawn to life. When Lock's Quest came into development Edison at first decided to use a style similar to Drawn to life's along with Jeremiah Slaczka though this decision was changed as the company wanted to do a new style. He continued to do the next Drawn to life and Scribblenaut's games. Though he did not design the ending to The Next Chapter.

Works Edit

  • D.N.A-Artwork
  • Drawn to life-Promotional Artist
  • Lock's Quest-Concept and Promotional Artist
  • Scribblenauts-Art Director
  • Drawn to life: The Next Chapter-Concept and Background Illustration
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited-Additional Art

Trivia Edit

  • Edison is currently exploring London in The United Kingdom
  • His avatar when typed in Maxwell's notebook in Scribblenauts is a Ninja T-Rex