David J Franco, is 5th Cell's music composer. He has composed the music, on every game.

Biography Edit

Franco has had an easier career, than the other 5th Cell members seeing as, he is not a developer and just a composer. He started his career, when he heard of 5th Cell, and helped make the music for Siege, Mini Poocha and Seal Team 6. Franco made the music for Drawn to life, and was mostly known for singing The End, and composing Wilfre's battle theme. He composed all of 5th Cell's music, and became the main way to realize if a game was by 5th Cell. Franco became one of 5th Cell's most famous members.

Trivia Edit

Franco probably has a crush on, Hayley Chipman, as when talked to in Drawn to life's Developer's Grove, he says "I dedicated The End song to Hayley Chipman". Chipman is the person who sang with Franco in Drawn to life.