Brian Firfer is the Lead Programmer of 5th Cell. He was hired by [[Jeremiah Slaczka]] and Marius Fahlbusch in 2003 becoming their greatest most talented programmer.

Biography Edit

Brian was one of 5th Cell's later members applying for the company in 2006 when Drawn to life was in development. While Firfer had success with Slaczka, Fahlbusch and Joe Tringali, Brett Caird didn't approve of him deciding to take their anger out onScribblenauts Unlimited when Maxwell types them into his Notebook. This shows a fight the two once had in the office except with a bit of dramatic effect. Brian is still in 5th Cell today as their greatest programmer.

Works Edit

  • Drawn to life: Lead Programmer
  • Lock's Quest: Lead Programmer
  • Drawn to life: The Next Chapter: Lead Programmer
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited: Lead Programmer

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Brian has an anger management problem which triggered the fight with Brett