Brett Caird is the former Business/QA Director and Founder of 5th Cell.

History Edit

Caird met Jeremiah Slaczka and Joe Tringali in a Games Conference in 2003 where they decided to start 5th Cell. He and Joe started up the company while Jeremiah along with Marius Fahlbusch got every technical device in. Brett however did not get along with Lead Programmer Brian Firfer and if both are typed in Scribblenauts Unlimited they will get into a giant fight. Caird quit 5th Cell in 2013 for "Private Reasons". He was soon replaced by new member Brittany Aubert

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why he left 5th Cell though may have found another company like Jeremiah and Joe with Square Enix. Although Brett cannot be found in the gaming industry online anymore.